We Indo people or Indos, Dutch Indonesians, Indo-Dutch, or Dutch-Indos consist of Europeans, Asians, and persons of mixed European–Asian origin and we Indo people have been part and experienced the colonial culture of the former Dutch East Indies.
In general Indos or Eurasians are a mixed of Dutch and Indonesian descent.
To differentiate us Eurasians from the Totoks, the white Dutch people, we got the name Indos because of our European and Indonesian parentage and intermarriages over many centuries.
I am a “full blooded” Indo, both my parents are Indo, my grandparents and their grandparents and their parents were Indo and that up to at least the sixth generation. Before that I have great-great-great-grand parents who came from The Netherlands, France, Portugal and they integrated with Sumatrans, people from Java and Molukken.

Many of the Dutch-Indos had spent the World War 2 years in Japanese concentration camps. Direct after this war and after the Republic of Indonesia became an independent state, nearly all Dutch Totoks and Dutch Indos had to leave Indonesia.
About 300,000 Indo-Dutch were involved and most of them moved to the Netherlands.
The Netherlands, who just started rebuilding their own country after the WW2 German disaster, were not happy with 250,000 to 300,000 poor Dutch-Indos, who have lost everything in their homeland. And most of the Indos have never been in the Netherlands.
Some of them went to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

Andy Tielman, the Indo King of Rock, said in an interview: Sukarno kicked us out of our father-land, we were not welcome in our mother-land. That is why we went to an Uncle-land!

With the in 1958 created Pastore-Walter Act about 50,000 Indo-Dutch or Indische Nederlanders were allowed to immigrate to the United States.
In the Netherlands the wording Indische Nederlander includes all Dutch people who have lived in the former Dutch-Indisch. To differentiate between the two, Eurasians are called Indo and native Dutch are called Totok, which means full blooded.
Since Indos are of mixed ancestry many also look European.
Over the years the Indo culinary culture has made an enduring impact on generally the whole Dutch society. There is no other place outside Indonesia with such an abundance of Indonesian food available. Indos played a pivotal role in introducing Indo rice table and food cuisine to the Netherlands and in many of today’s Dutch kitchens this spicy food becomes integral part of Dutch cuisine.