Norman De Buck

Southern California and especially Hollywood and Los Angeles are places where dreams come true. During his childhood, he was born on west Java in the town Cibadak (meaning: the river of the Rhino), Norman De Buck has always dreamed of playing a cowboy in a movie. Roy Rogers was one of his favorites. The family De Buck has moved around and Norman has lived in Bandung, Bogor and then Jakarta.

After world war two the bersiap period was the start for Indonesia to fight for independence and around 1957/1958 all the Dutch-Indo’s were forced by the new regime to leave the Dutch East-Indies and leave for the Netherlands. In 1959 De Buck family, father, mother and 4 sons, left everything behind and were shipped (ms Castle Felice) to The Netherlands, who were in the middle of rebuilding their country after the war in Europe and there were less opportunities for the Indo family. They arrived in Rotterdam and started living in Vlaardingen. But the cold there was enough to move De Buck family to Southern California and started a new life in El Monte, just east of LA, in the early 1960.

Fam. de Buck in Indonesie
Fam. De Buck in Netherlands

But like most emigrants, they first arrived in New York. Norman always expected to see skyscrapers and cowboys. New York had plenty of skyscrapers, but the move out west, El Monte, there were also no cowboys, no horses, no cattle and no six guns. Norm his father was an architect and draftsman in the old country, but switched to a machinist once in the United States. When he came first to the United States, he did not know how to speak English. He was able to learn quickly through an American friend that he met here. He taught him a lot of this country and took him everywhere. Norm finished his education at El Monte High School and then went to Mount San Antonio College for two years. He became fascinated with photography and hoped to become a freelance or commercial photographer.
But his future went in a different direction. Norman met and married Carol Williams of Pasadena and Temple City became their residence. Carol was working in a local stationary store, while Norm was employed by a supermarket in El Monte.

For Norman an ideal situation, because the movie studios and his longtime ambition and dreams were both within his reach.
There he learn the hard way of Hollywood. Being a Dutch-Indonesian, a mixed race, Norman most often cast in small roles as a Mexican and especially the stereotypes of the bandito-vaquero-cowboy. But Norman has accepted his roles with pleasure and he calls himself “The last of the Indohicans” and his Indo friends call him the “Mexican”.

“Now that I am living in my DREAMS I cannot believe that I have med and played with…Sam Eliott, Duane Johnson  …”The Rock”,Selma Hayek, Tom Cruize, John Voigt,..Etc, etc. and did many Commercials”

Then both Eline Jongsma and Kel O’ Neill started the project Empire. The Unintended consequences of Dutch Colonialism.
Empire is a documentary that explores the Dutch colonial and how the conditions of the past define our lives in the present. It left behind a legacy that can still be seen today in the cultures and in the bloodlines of the people and communities around the world. In 2016 this documentary was nominated for an Oscar.
In Southern California Norman got a small acting roll in the cast of this documentary.

Norm with Carol (wife), son Mark and daughter Dina

While living his Indohicans dream, in realty Norm, his wife Carol, son Mark and daughter Dina are living in Rosemead/San Gabriel and owns a well-established printing business for about 30 years.
Norman De Buck is an actor, known for Border Patrol (2007), Happy Hunting (2017) and Cutthroat Alley (2003).

The Vampire Saviors (TV Series) (pre-production)
Sorin (as Norman DeBuck)
2017 Happy Hunting
Jim (as Norman DeBuck)
2017 The Hero
Bounty Hunter (uncredited)
2017 Borderland
Mexican Fruit Truck Driver
2014 Battle B-Boy
High Roller Norm (as Norman DeBuck)
2012 Agent Steele (Short)
Restaurant Guest (as Norman DeBuck)
2011 That’s So Awesome (TV Series)
Creepy Customer 2
Beginnings End (2011) … Creepy Customer 2 (as Norman DeBuck)
Conversations with the Creepy Duo (2011) … Creepy Customer 2 (as Norman DeBuck)
Return of the Creepy Duo (2011) … Creepy Customer 2 (as Norman DeBuck)
The Creepy Duo (2011) … (as Norman DeBuck)
2011 Joe and MJ (TV Series)
Hector (as Norman DeBuck)
2011 Dinner with Fred (Short)
Mexican Farmer (as Norman DeBuck)
2007 Border Patrol (Short)
Illegal (as Norman DeBuck)
2003 Cutthroat Alley
Store Owner (as Norman DeBuck)



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