He was born on October 13, 1896 in the town Padang of West Sumatra. As a seventeen year old boy he was send on November 1, 1913 as an apprentice mechanic in the automotive business to the State Railways and Construction located in the city Tandjung Karang in South Sumatra.
After finishing his apprenticeship he continued his training as a mechanic and started on September 1, 1918 in the Automotive Department of the State Railways in Benkoelen, west Sumatra. Being very talented, on February 15, 1922 he was promoted to a Mechanical Engineer 2nd class and assigned to work at the Department of Auto Service of the State Railway Company in the town Sibolga. Because of his skills he became a highly respected force in mechanical car repair. On October 1925 he was send to the higher situated town Fort de Kock, today called Bukitttinggi.

But Alphons Ceasar Chevalier had other goals and on December 31, 1925 he decided to leave the company and started his own private automobile repair shop in the much larger city of Padang.
Working on his own lasted exactly one year, because on January 1, 1927 he was appointed head of the auto workshop at the Ford Central. Then he started working for the Car repair company Biscuits and Co in Padang and in 1929 he left for another Company called N.V. Velodrome in the same city.
Because of his knowledge and mechanical reputation Alphons Ceasar Chevalier was appointed Member of the Commission for the inspection of motor vehicles for rent in the cities of Sibolga, Angkola, Sipirck and Padangsidempuan. In 1934 he was promoted to Inspector of Motor vehicles, trailers and heavy trucks and been relocated from Tapanuli to Kotaradja in the district of Aceh.

But Japan became a threat and Alphons was called for military duty by the Dutch KNIL. As a soldier he was placed in the 2nd Bataljon in Kotaradja, Aceh, which was part of the military motor transport division. But the Dutch Knil army could not withstand the Japanese army and he became a prisoner of war like all his comrades. In June 1942 they were transported as prisoners to Medan, Sumatra.
Alphons Ceasar Chevalier was ordered to see Professor F.J.W.H. Sandbergen and from there he was forced to work for the Japanese military to provide repair work on their cars located in Kampong Baru.

Soon after the war on October 10, 1945 he had to report back as a Knil soldier, this time to Captain Brondgeest.
Five days later, on October 15, 1945 he was ordered to report to Lieutenant Raymond Westerling in Medan, who was setting up a new commando group, the Special Forces 136.

On July 14, 1946 Alphons Ceasar Chevalier applied for release of military duties and the army commander and the Dutch Government granted his request under 10/7-1946 No. 702 as per August 14, 1946.
He went back to his mechanical profession and in January 1949 he became head of the Motor Transport Service of the Department of Public Works and Reconstruction in Sibolga.
Alphons Ceasar Chevalier settled down, married Helena Harahap, a young woman from the Batak tribe in Sibolga and together they raised 6 children.
Alphons died on February 20, 1983 in Medan and Helena, who was born on May 21, 1908, also died in Medan, Sumatra on November 28, 1991.


  1. Hi my name is Raymond Chevalier
    I am the son of Remy narcis chevalier who was born on 3 december 1927. My dather Remy was the son Rudolf Narcis chevalier and eleonora van der Vlist. I see that quite a few names are missing and would like to add them. We also have plenty of stories to share if you are interested. Looking fwrd to hearing from you

  2. Hi Raymond,
    Nice meeting you and thank you for the information. I am very interested in more. Please send me your stories and the family tree.
    Your opa is a younger brother of my opa. See here: 1.8.3. Padang 18-01-1884 born Henri Antoine Joseph Chevalier (acknowledgment)
    1.8.4. Padang Pandjang 12-11-1885 born Narcis Rudolf Chevalier.
    As soon as I have your info, I will update my family tree.
    In what country are you living? I am in California, Glendora, about 50km or 30 miles east of LA.

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