Soccer match Medan – Black Diamant, Sawahlunto

Geenen - center forward
Geenen – center forward

One of the headlines of the newspaper Sumatra Post on June 5, 1934  described a soccer game between a touring team from the north Sumatra team out of the town Medan and the team of the mining town Sawahlunto a town on west Sumatra, called the “Zwarte Diamant”, which means the Black Diamond.

The match was played on May 28, 1934 in Sawahlunto and the line-up of both teams was:



          Tobing          Ismael

                      Sorah         Maat         Sariana

                          Adoeng      Maleh     Amat      Agoes      Ongah


          Black Diamand:

                   Senggono Maidman  Geenen Wyshyer Marimin

                        Kretzer      Boer        Latif

                        Aras       Keim



The first half was fully controlled by the touring team out of Medan and their center forward made the first goal just before half time. The first half ends at 1-0 for the visitors. In the second half the Black Diamont team switched the two players Maidman and Wyshyer from place and that was a great improvement. The Black Diamant took control of the game, but scoring was difficult.

Then their speedy outside player Senggono gave a beautiful pass to the center and Geenen, the center forward, kicked

the ball hard into the goal. The Black Diamant team felt their changes and with the help of the public they kept attacking.

Outside player Marimin had a beautiful run to the front and pass the bal to center forward Geenen, who did not hesitate to score his second goal of the day. Medan team tried a comeback but the time was to short and they lost with 2-1. It was a good game and well controlled by the referee Stook.