Powers in mysterious occurences

Many more mysterious occurrences have been taken place on this earth

And as stated in ” The Indo ” October 2014 on page 12, by Louise Rouwhof – Krancher , Durus , Ireland :
“Have deeply respect anyway and do not ridicule it”
My grandfather Carolus Geenen was married to Eleonora Dumont and had 6 children.
When she died he married Helena Maitimo. Her family was also part Portuguese and part from the Molukken. Helena gave my grandfather another 4 children.
The strange situation is that the 4 children of the second marriage and/or their siblings have all experiences with the secret powers of the Insulinde.
One of the 4 children was Aunt Lucie Geenen with her spouse Uncle Andre Uyleman-Anthonijs. One day the family drove their car to Padang Panjang when he suddenly stopped and said: “Alex van Ommen just felt out of the train”, he then continued:” He got up and walk again” The next day they got a call from Alex, who indeed told them that it happened with him at the train. Their daughter, Meity Ungerer, knows that she has inherited the same powers as her father and has also the healing powers in her hands, which she got from her mother. Several Indo’s, still alive, can witness her healing hands. Her father died in 1947 in The Hague. His oldest son used his powers to go in séance and had many conversations with his dad.
Lucie Geenen her younger brother and my uncle, Theo, and his son both belong in the years 1950/1960 in the Netherlands to a group “white magic” to fight the “black magic and/or guna guna people. A fight resulting sometimes in the death of a person.
His son Rene once visited our family in The Hague and he felt right away there was something wrong in our house at Laan van Eik en Duinen. He told it my mother and asked her to invite one of a highly experience man out of his group. My mother agreed and a day later Rene came back accompanied by a small and dark man. He admitted there was something and started walking through the living room while moving his hands close to the walls. When approached a Painting hanging above the fire place, a small package felt from behind the painting. In the package were a number of little seeds, the same number of our family. This man asked my mother if something had happened in the family. My mother said “Yes, one of her daughters just left the home and nobody knows where she is”
“He said let me handle this package and nothing will happened with you all”.
At that time I was a wtk/sailor on tankers and did not keep me busy with that occurrence.
Many years later, living in California, I had a conversation with a younger sister and started talking about the guna guna that took place in our house. She then told me that her older sister had many boy-friends, but she was never faithful to one of them and had the tendency just to play a game with them.
Rene told me, somebody took revenge at her being treated as he was.
Later that sister showed up at the doorsteps. Meanwhile she got married and was living in France.