The most well-known Indo.
Stories from a country, the former Dutch East Indies, that no longer exists. Most of our first generation no longer exists. And part of those who are still alive, left the Netherlands to build a new future.
We all have experience it.
In 1963 a little magazine “The Soos” was born. Two years later the name changed into “De Indo”.
Today this magazine become the source of first hand stories, sad and endearing, but all are equally special.
The name list of the Indo tells me there are close to 2000 members in 18 countries who are the happy readers, who are not willing to miss it or give it up.
And because the Indo have moved in this world and live in more than 18 countries, the collective identity have eroded.

But the Indo magazine is just more than stories. It links the Indo from today with the Indo’s from yesterday, which gives them the understanding who they are. During the early 1960 one person must have thought of all the above. He came with a plan and started a magazine.
Rene Creutzburg was and still is the REAL INDO!
Personally I love his Indo library and his helpful patience to find the books I am looking for.

Happy 85th Birthday, Creutz