Geenen and Chevalier

Left is my grandfather Henri Antoine Joseph Chevalier married to Jaqueliene Beljaars (above left) and right Helena Fransina Wilhelmina Maitimo is married to Augustus Josephus Carolus Geenen (below her).

A picture around 1930 of a Geenen family with Elize Cornelia Palmer, who is standing in the stripe swim suit, her daughter Francisca Elvira (Elvi) Geenen is sitting on the sand and Otto Cornelis Geenen, being the father of Elvi is kneeling and sitting on the right site.
Geenen Eddie, born on 19-08-1912 in Sawahlunto, Sumatra and married on 12-6-1935 in Sawahlunto Clara Elisabeth (Claire) Chevalier

Vader,moeder,Billy en RonnyFather Eddie Geenen, Mother Clair Elisabeth Geenen – Chevalier, Billy sitting and Ronny standing by mom.

Theo Geenen links and his younger brother Eddie Geenen right from him

1. Grandmother Helena Masitimo, 2. Grandfather Carolus Geenen, 3. Lucie Geenen, 5. Andreas Uijleman, 7. Laura Geenen, 8. Paul Spamer, and left from (3) Lucie Geenen is Eddie Geenen, about 13 years old.

Standing 4th from left is Grandmother Helena Masitimo, married to Carolus Geenen, 5th person from the right is the daughter from Helena, Lucie Geenen, most right man who squatted is the son Eddie Geenen of Helena and the woman standing left from him is Clair Elisabeth Chevalier, the wife from Eddie Geenen.
(Grandmother Helena Maitimo her father’s name is not Maitimo but Masitimo)

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