Not far from Bandung and just outside of Cimahi is the Field of Honor Leuwigajah. The entrance gate has golden letters “cemetery Leuwigajah” and is clearly visible. The dedication of the cemetery Leuwigajah took place on December 20, 1949. Except camp victims were also many soldiers of the KNIL and the Royal Army buried, who died in the turbulent years after the Japanese surrender.
Beside KNIL and navy people also the remains of world war two victims from the war cemeteries Muntok, Padang, Tarakan, Medan, Palembang and Balikpapan have been re-buried at this cemetery Leuwigajah.
At this cemetery are now buried more than 5,200 victims of war. Regarding the number of graves Leuwigajah is the largest Dutch cemetery in Indonesia today.

The pictures here below show names well-known in Padang and Sawahlunto, west Sumatra.