Cideng was during the Japanese occupation, the internment camp for women and children and a very cruel place. Of course it was different then than now. Some houses eyes shabby, others suggest that wealthy people were living in a luxurious home.
But how was it directly after the Japanese lost the war and their butt has been kicked.

Many Indo’s and some totok families came out of their Japanese prison camps and need housing.
We were move into Cideng to Tjilamaja Street 13 at the end of 1946, because our father or what was left over from him after the years of Japanese torture was placed in the Batavia hospital CBZ.
The housing complex in Cideng at that time was very badly in need of repair due to the lack of maintenance during the period of the Japanese occupation.

We the family Geenen stayed there until early January 1951 and left for the Netherlands.
In 1996 my sister and her spouse made a trip to Sumatra and Java to visit the places where we were born in Sawahlunto and also Tjilamaja 13 Cideng. She found only pieces of wood and stones of “the home” on the lot and a lot of graffiti.