Padang Panjang (means “long Field”) is located in the cool highlands of West Sumatra and the main road through Padang Panjang, which links coastal capital, Padang and the highland capital, Bukitttinggi.
It sits on a plateau beneath the Mount Marapi and Mount Singalang.

Padang Panjang is a university town and houses a famous performing arts conservatorium. There are many tiny cafes around the campus where you can have interesting discussions with students and/or just meet some artists.

Or go to the market and charter a horse and cart called a bendi to have a scenic tour.

You also can take the main road between Bukittinggi and Padang and get off at Simpang Lubuk Bunta between Kayu Tanam and Sicicin abt and at the turn there is a bamboo shelter. Somebody there will take you to the water hole Lubuk Bumta. Here is a spring and one of the few clean bathing spots with a little waterfall and is a favorite among locals. This is a spot where male and female bath together recreationally to wash them self, so do not strip here and take your cue from other bathers.

Antoine Cezar Chevalier, my great-great-grandfather had 3 homes and a large piece of land with many fruit trees in this nice small town.