Magic Powers of some Humans

Many more mysterious occurrences have been taken place on this earth

On the other hand mysterious occurrences are completely interwoven and part of our Indo Culture.

A highly educated friend who just retired from working for more than 30 years for several Dutch embassies all over the world wrote me as a follow up of my email to him the following about mysterious powers he himself experience during the course of his carrier.

Things happen regularly in our house. My daughter, when she was little, had regular conversations with someone in a particular corner of the room. We now have a slightly larger room for her, but she rejected, because she does not want to miss her ‘spirits’. Also doors suddenly open, lights turn on and off, and the like.
And sometimes my wife will say, stop with it and give us a break. Maybe we might also be the reason, because we have certain powers at certain moments and rays off.
I’m convinced that I have it in me through my father. But we are positive and constructive, and are not driven by evil thoughts or cause anything evil to people. I support the white magic, especially if your life is more than what you see. And instead it is a loss of energy, strength and vitality when you just try to hurt other people. If I am angry at others or felt insulted by their action or their words, I let them know without hesitation.

This is not the Dutch way, because Indo’s are not Dutch and not Indonesian, but we have our own distinct culture, like all cultures. And magic is part of our Indo culture.
My son had a large collection of Balinese and Javanese masks who were talking to him. But when he was not doing well at home as well as at school, he got rid of them. My daughter was even afraid of these masks and stayed out of his room.
Then he gradually crawled out of the problems. We also gave away a beautiful African chair to a museum, because the two kids did not feel good in that neighborhood. The chair was made from a solid piece of ebony, a unique piece I have brought home from Mali.

We have lived for a couple of years in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia, where we met a woman who could change herself into a doctor, who died about 150 years ago. This doctor had magical powers. In a session she invited white Dutch and Australians, Dutch-Indo’s and Indonesians. Among them where engineers from Wageningen, Netherlands, experts, consultants and business people and the whole group was a mix of men and women, Christians and Muslims.

The woman was dressed in white and sat in the room on the floor. Through a brief trance, she changed into a very old man. That was weird. I was new, so she told me to sit beside her. She told me that I was influenced by evil forces and spirits. I had to lie down and be quiet while she moved her hands over my body. At one point I felt something pulling, and again, and she pulled out of my body an egg, a whole unbroken egg. She broke the egg and inside was pins, razor blades and black hair. I was totally perplexed. Then she pulled a second egg, broke it and now I was clean. Everybody in the room had witness what happened. Then she sat down and asked all the 8 men to sit down in a row behind her and the front man just behind her had to grab her. She told us to pull. We used all the power to pull, several times, but we could not move her one inch. Finally in a separate session she performed an open surgery without anesthesia. She removed a tumor from the uterus of a woman. She just opened your body and goes in with her hands. You sit there and just look. It was an unbelievable experience without any pain for the woman and inexplicable for us all.
Then she pulled a stone out of her own body and gave it to me with certain instruction how to wear it.

About a dozen years later, while I was in Egypt, I heard that she was in bad shape because she was more involved with black magic and less with the white. At the advice of an Indonesian friend, who happens to know the woman too and noticed that I was also not feeling well, I had to get rid of the ring with the stone. This friend gave instruction to go to the river the Nile and throw it away. We were in Cairo and one evening mu son and I went to a bridge over the river and throw the ring with stone into the water.

I could tell many other experiences that had happened with dolls in deep pits, fetish, taken a bath with certain flowers, etc.. Because of the negative experiences, I am against the black magic. By applying and permitting the black magic it also can be used against you, even without a motive.
People, who have these incredible powers, should only use their capacities to help others and their power should never be used to ruin the life of any person.
But revenge is human, and people do have all kind of reasons to act that way.

We Indo’s are indeed unique. We eat stew (with sambal) and talk about magic as if we are talking about football. It is part of our culture. For example, such a conversation at the Dutch table is unthinkable.