Boarding-schools in Kebonagung, Malang

Many small Dutch non-governmental organizations (NGO), sometimes even private ones that has been setup by a family, are assisting and providing medical, agricultural and educational assistance to projects in Indonesia. One of these organizations is Horizon Holland Foundation supported by Jacq. Z Brijl, retired L.C. of the Dutch Army. Of the half millions of children living in boarding-houses only about 6% are orphans. Many parents are too poor to take care of their children.

One of the projects, supported by Horizon Holland Foundation is boarding-schools for girls and for boys called Asrama Anak Anak in Kebonagung district Malang, Java, Indonesia. This project, the two boarding houses, was built with the help of local people and sponsors in 2005. Today there are 40 students living on the small campus, all children from the street, who have been displaced and sometimes also abused. Three of them are now college students. Half million children from Indonesia are living under the same circumstances in boarding houses and only 6% of them are orphans. Many parents are too poor to feed and take care of their infants. Hananto Jonatan, Chairman Church Council in Malang, is the driving force behind these (boys-girls) boarding schools.

Peter Logman is a simple Indo, who is very unselfish and committed helping the poor and disabled children in Indonesia. Today he volunteers as a coordinator for Pelita and for the Indo dining table at the nursing home Rumah Kita Wageningen. He also organizes the Pasar event at Bronbeek and the proceeds are all going to the two boarding homes and schools.

Peter Logman ready to step on the Matrix
Peter Logman ready to step on the Matrix

On Sunday, May 10, 2015 Peter, as a 65 years active sportsman, decided to climb stairs on the Matrix exercise machine at the sport center Aerofit in Didam, the Netherland. His goal was climbing 4000 stairs with on each ankle a weight of 2kg. He managed to accomplish this grueling exercise in about 42 minutes. His accomplishment was also broadcast on television, but most important was the objective support for the boarding schools in Malang Kebonagung district.

Peter Logman on his way to the 4000 stairs up
Peter Logman on his way to the 4000 stairs

Hopefully you also feel the need to support Peter Logman with his project Asrama Anak anak in Kebonagung, Malang, please send your donation to:

Weeskinderen Kebonagung (Malang)
REKNR: NL61 INGB 000 240 0060
And I thank you,
Peter Logman