Japanese Concentration Camp

Indie There were 2 Japanese concentration camps in Bangkinang, one for men and one camp for women with children up to 12 years. The close by village is about 250 km north-east from Padang and the camps were located in the middle of a jungle of rubber trees. Men and women camps were about 2 km apart from each other.

The women camp was newly build specially to keep people as prisoners and consist of 4 large sheds 60 x 10 meter and one small one 30 x 10 meter en the living places were located in 4 rows of two levels. Then there was also a small building serving as a hospital and two small sheds for storage. De camp was enclosed with wood and barbed wire and on the corners were guard towers.

On December 15, 1943 my mother, her 4 children, a grandmother and a niece, other family members all together about 2300 adults and their children were transported from the Padang prison camp by train and later by open trucks to these new Japanese prison.

And this lasted until Japan got hit with the atomic bombs and were freed on Augustus 15 in the year of 1945. All those years we had suffered of hunger and lively punishment from the Japanese.

Bangkinang, west Sumatra