Japanese grew up with the firm belief that they were descendants of gods and their emperor as their Supreme God. They had not only a different culture, but also a completely different mentality, a very different diet and thereby even also a different smell. The Japanese State religion and the Imperial Mores determined their lives and that fully depend by the grace of their god the emperor. They have been educated to find it an honor to unconditionally sacrifice everything, including their lives. Despite their international trading experience the Japanese morals still belongs in another time dimension. They will never try to convert other peoples because non-Japanese were a subclass human being. From their point of view this was true, especially the barbarians of Europe and the half-breeds, the Indo-Europeans. After all they were and are the only people of divine origin. They have ignored the Geneva Conventions to indicate a clear mark of the Red Cross symbol on the deck of ships when transporting prisoners of war. As a result, many of their ships with prisoners had been torpedoed by the allies and an estimated 20,000 people/prisoners of all nationalities drowned.