Nabestaanden KNIL-militairen naar rechter om backpay

  1. Met uw permissie; een (voor Nederland) aangepaste versie van het
    Amerikaanse “I was a soldier, or I was a veteran”. “I was a soldier,
    or I am a veteran,we put it simple in those four plain words.
    speak them softly, just to ourselves, as others may have forgotten.
    are a pledge, that stems from a document which said
    “I SOLEMNLY SWEAR, to protect and defend, and from a flag called
    “The Red-White-and Blue”. Listen and you can hear voices echoing
    “Follow me”, “Medic”, “Oh God”. If you can’t hear them, you weren’t,
    if you can you WERE. You can hear those echoes, visit a Veterans
    Administration hospital, hear the sound of Taps, and we are
    remembering family and buddies who were at Pasir Poetih, Madoera,
    Djambi, Krawang, Batoedjadar, Dockdja, and many other places,
    long forgotten by others and friends, NOT by us, who remember
    those four simple words, you could carve them in stone”
    Opdat wij hen, die decennia geleden, de belofte
    “To protect and defend” uitvoerden.

    By Robert Beckman Lapre

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