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Redress Debt 3 billion?

In a local Dutch newspaper Mr. Henk Schouten published an article with the title:
“Gold bars from the Dutch-Indies diverted to New York.”

According to the Dutch authorities during the Second World War all Dutch gold, silver and money in the Dutch-Indies were confiscated by the Japanese occupiers. This is also the reason that most Dutch-Indo’s became victims of the government and were told that their savings at the banks and life insurance policies could not be paid.

Through her research, Ms. Griselda Molemans, read her book “Opgevangen in Andijvielucht”, has discovered that just before the Japanese occupation in February 1942 a secret money transport took place from the Dutch-Indies, city of Batavia to New York. She found above information in the National Archives in College Park, Maryland. Of all the Dutch gold, 154,341 kilos are derived from the Dutch East Indies.
The amount of gold from the Dutch East Indies, which was diverted, amounted to $135.2 million, and the value of money was $ 60.2 million. All blood money from individuals and entrepreneurs who had invested their capital in banks and insurance companies.
The Dutch National Bank is guilty of deceit. In the archives of the Federal Reserve, all documents are on microfilm and easy to be located.

The life insurance companies and banks have rarely disbursed the funds to their customers, since these authorities demanded documents of savings and policies as evidence for submission.
However, many did not even survive the war, and/or became victims of the Japanese occupation, Japanese internment camps, of looting and murders during the bersiap by the local Indonesian population and the burning of their possessions including prove of the documents.

Others who conducted an investigation on behalf of the Dutch government as the NIOD, denies the above. According to the NIOD there was only approximately 8 million that the Dutch government has confiscated. In reality, the amount of money that was siphoned off, was 546.8 million guilders, which is many times higher. And we speak of values 70 years ago!

According to the article most of the Dutch-Indo’s remain quiet, numbly through all opposition bodies, deprivation and high deposit liabilities during their reception in the Netherlands, which had to be repaid.

Hopefully the above will soon be fully exposed before we older people are all dead.

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  1. Mr.R.Geenen; permit me to “speak my (Indo)mind”,for my mom who passed away in’79,bitter from what she encountered on her path(the lies,the seemingly unjustice passed on to “the little Indo”,who was taught to say “thank you(Dutch)Government”,while her husband died 19 months after he was called up under arms).She,probably thousands with her tried-in 1946/1947-to get some money from Nillmy (now Aegon)life insurance company.”Sorry Ma’am,no policy,no payment”. I made a quick calculation; 546.8 million (1942)guilders= more than 3,581,600,000 euros today.Someone had/ has access to all these billions as we speak.But everyone is silent (as silent as all those young, and not so young, men who gave their live,perhaps wondering “Are my love ones taken care of by my government,my insurance company?”).Remember how it went “History,it might set us free…….from being ignorant?”.(I do hope we,still alive,are not being ignorant!)

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