1. Pedro (Pieter) Botellho, son of Joze Botellho and Margretha Jones, was born in 1796 in Bandel, West Bengal, India. Pedro died on January 9, 1868 in Padang of West Sumatra. He married in the year 1820 with Rosa Christina. Rosa Christina was born in 1806 in Padang, West Sumatra, daughter of Si Jago and mother Si Rambona. Rosa Christina died on July 21, 1865 in Padang.

Pedro Botellho and Rosa Christina got the following children:

1.1. Daughter Maria Botellho, born on September 24, 1821 in Padang and was married with Johann Georg Vogel on August 31, 1842.

1.2. Son Laurens (Laurance) Botellho, born on August 10, 1827 in Padang and was first married to Henriette Cornelia Petronella on September 24, 1854 in Padang. Married to Sarimona on March 8, 1890 in Padangsche Benedenlanden, Indonesie.

1.3.  Daughter Mery Botellho was born on January 8, 1830 in Padang and was married to Bernardus Matimo(e) on February 3, 1847 in Padang, Sumatra. (See also the Geenen Genealogy) Lodewijk Maitimo, born on 1848 in Priaman, was the son of Bernardus Maitimo and Mery Botellho. Lodewijk died on 30-07-1903 in Priaman.
They had also 3 other children, Johan Henri Ferdinand Maitimo, born in Padang on 11-06-1876 and Johanna Dina Henriette Maitimo, born in Padang on 03-11-1877. Herman Johannes Lodewijk Maitimo also married at the age of 29 to a 15 years old Augustina Johanna Lamberdina Laarhuis.

1.4. Daughter Aliana Botellho was born on October 12, 1834 in Padang and was married with Eduard Schonherr on September 1852 in Padang. She died on May 9, 1892 in Padang.

1.5. Daughter Adriana Botellho was born in the year 1838 in Padang. She was married to Gabriel van Don on February 18, 1860 in Padang.

1.6. Daughter Louisa Botellho was born in Padang and married to Carl von Furstenrecht.

1.7. Son Joseph Botellho was born in 1843 in Priaman, Sumatra and was married to Georgiana Freeth on December 27, 1864 in Padang. He divorced her on September 6, 1881. He married then to Si Tete on May 31, 1892 in Padang. He then married with Magdalena Francina Davies on February 5, 1896 in Malang, Java.
Joseph Botellho died on May 30, 1914 in Balige, Indonesia.

1.8. Son Willem Botellho was born in 1846 in Priaman, west coast of Sumatra.

1.9. Daughter Johanna Botellho was born in the year 1847 in Kayatanam, Sumatra. She was married to Cornelis Maagdenberg on September 3, 1864 in Padang. Johanna Botellho died on May 23, 1882 in Padang.