Kouthoofd History

bloem-MaldegemPieter Frederic/Frederik Franciscus Kouthoofd is the son of Philippus Judocus Kouthoofd, 1752 and Francina Dolphina Florus.

1. Willem Frederik Kouthoofd is born on 10-08-1852 in Toeban, the Dutch-Indies and died on 01-03-1904 in Surabaja, 52 years old. He is the son of Pieter Frederic/Frederik Franciscus Kouthoofd, 1825 – 1880 and mother Sadirah. He married to the 19 year old Florentina Hereman, born on 05-12-1854 in Soemenep, Madoera and she died 09-10-1916 in Surabaja, the Dutch-Indies, at the age of 61. They had 9 children and they are Henri Ernest, Paul Alexander, Deane Sentine, Gustaaf Adolf, Reinier Ferdinand, Oscar Bernhard, Hypolite Cesar (married to Emilia Catharina Josephine Manuel, born in Bandung, 10-09-1894). One son Teddy Ernst Kouthoofd, born in Bandung on 01-1923), Georgine Eugenie, Florentine.

1.1. Paul Alexander Kouthoofd, born on 03-10-1877 in Soerabaja and died on 01-03-1904, in Soerabaja at the age of 26. He married on 10-10-1900, in Sampang, Dutch-Indies, with Melanie Cornelia Augustina Marie van Maldegem, born 1-12-1879 in Makasar, daughter of Hendrik van Maldegem and Maria Marianna Bamberg. Melanie Maldegem died in Bandung. At age 34, on 01-07-1914, she married with Wilhelm Emil Woelk in Pandeglang, Bantam, who was born in 1885.

 Out of this marriage 5 children: Erna the youngest one died as a baby.

1.1.1. Wilhelmina Paulina Kouthoofd.

Pauline Weise-Kouthoofd

Pauline Weise-Kouthoofd

Paul Hendrik Weise, born 30-12-1891 in Klatten, married on 20-03-1915 in Meester Cornelis, Batavia to Wilhelmina Paulina Kouthoofd, who was born in Soerabaja on 22-7-1897 en died in Ewijk, Netherlands on June 12, 1971. Paul Hendrik Weise was the son of Carl Heinrich Hermann Weise, employe by the company Wedi Birit and his wife the Indonesian woman Sinah, living in KLatten.
Zie ook https://www.myheritage.nl/site-family-tree-215268301/weise

They had 3 children: Bianca Edme, Hermanna Hetty and Edmond Freddy.

1.1.2. Elodie Gerardine Kouthoofd, born on 05-02-1899 in Soerabaja, married to Anton Rudolf Konig, born 07-07-1896 in Batavia (Indonesia).

They had 4 children: Edwin Richard, Alfred Ferdinand, Guus and Taat.

1.1.3. Paul Alexander Kouthoofd, born on 16-03-1900 in Soerabaja and died on 03-11-1976 in Amsterdam. He is married to Emma Charlotte Sell on 31-07-1920 in Batavia. Emma Charlotte Sell is born on 08-04-1902 in Kota Radja, Sumatra, daughter of father Sell and moeder Toeminah.

Van links naar rechts: Alex Bloem, Stella, Jaqueline, Opa Paul, Oom Raymond, Tante Yola, Oom Guus Konig (zoon van Lody), Oma Em, tante Vera, Vicky (dochter tante Niet), Pola en Jan Krancher

Van links naar rechts: Alex Bloem, Stella, Jaqueline, Opa Paul, Oom Raymond, Tante Yola, Oom Guus Konig (zoon van Lody), Oma Em, tante Vera, Vicky (dochter tante Niet), Pola en Jan Krancher

They had 7 children: Yolanda Olga Kouthoofd, born 25-05-1921 in Batavia and died on 23-06-2010 Johan Octaaf Kouthoofd, born 22-10-1922 Pola Emelie Kouthoofd, born 08-08-1927 in Batavia Jacqueline Melanie Kouthoofd, 24-07-1929 in Batavia Raymond Donald Kouthoofd, born 12-04-1931 in Batavia Estelle Norma Kouthoofd, born 22-05-1933 in Batavia Veronike Shirley Kouthoofd, born 16-02-1935 in Batavia

1.1.4. Melanie Madeline Kouthoofd, born on 31-12-1901 in Soerabaja and died on 4-28- 1986 in Geleen, Netherlands. She married Onesephorus Tangkau, born in Menado and they got 4 children. Her first child died 40 days later. Melanie started a new life in 1937 together with Victor van Leuven, who died 5 years later on 4-28-1942.

1.1.5. Erna Kouthoofd, born on 23-12-1903 and died on 26-07-1904.  Bianca Edme, born 05-02-1916 in Batavia and died on 5-12-1945 Hermanna Hetty, born 07-07-1917 in Pandiglang, dated Juliaan Maurits Lavalette and they planned to marry after

Sylvia Weise (Lavalette) Gehuwd met Ronny Geenen

Sylvia Weise (Lavalette)
Gehuwd met Ronny Geenen

world war two. Juliaan Maurits was born 30-08-1909 and was killed and shot in the head and back 4days after WW2 was over on 19-08-1945 by 3 Indonesian permudas in front of their home in the street Djenggrik, Malang (Bersiap period). Hermanna Hetty was pregnant and gave birth to a girl, named Sylvia Weise born on 09-09-1945 in Djenggrik, Malang, Java.

Sylvia met weeshuis vriendinnen in Lawang, Java

Sylvia met weeshuis vriendinnen in Lawang, Java Edmond Frederik,  born 25-01-1922 in Koedoes. Overleed als KNIL soldaat te Cimahi op 3 juli 1943 en ligt begraven op het Nederlands Ereveld Leuwigajah te Cimahi en onder zijn kruis staat vak III, nr. 26 Sylvia Weise, born 09-09-1945 in Malang, married to Ronny Geenen on 23-05-1967 in the Hague, Netherland, born 26-04-1936 in Sawahlunto, west Sumatra. Ronny Geenen is the son of Eddie Geenen en Clara Elisabeth Chevalier.

1.1.2 Elodie Gerardine Kouthoofd married, 20 years old, on 29-11-1919 in Batavia with Anton Rudolf König, 23 years old. Anton was born on 07-07-1896 in Batavia.

Edward Konig

Edward Richard Konig

Children of Elodie and Anton: Edwin Richard König, born 20-08-1920 in Koedoes. Married to Maggie Ingram.

Children of Edwin and Maggie: Winny married to Tom van Hees Yvonne
married to Arthur van Vaerenbergh Reggy
 married to Andy Keim Hellen married to Jaap Herringa Alfred Ferdinand König, born 06-11-1923. Married to Augustina Kayzel on 12-04-1950 in Blitar

Alfred and Augustina have two children Paul Alexander Kouthoofd born on 16-03-1900 in Soerabaya. Paul died 03-11-1976 in Amsterdam, 76 jaar oud. Paul married, 20 jaar oud, on 31-07-1920 in Batavia with Emma Charlotte Sell, 18 jaar oud. Emma is born on 08-04-1902 in Kota Radja.

Children of Paul en Emma: Yolanda Olga Kouthoofd, died on 23-06-2010, 89 jaar old. Johan Octaaf Kouthoofd Pola Emelie Kouthoofd
, married Jan Krancher.  (https://www.flickr.com/photos/29275843@N04/ ) Jacqueline Melanie Kouthoofd, married on 18-03-1950 in Jakarta with Eugene Alexander Bloem, who is born on 06-05-1921 in Bandoeng.

Children of Jacqueline and Eugene: Maurice A. Bloem Joyce Bloem
, born 12-01-1951 in Heerlen Marion Bloem, born 24-08-1952 in Arnhem. Marion has a relationship with Yvon Norbert Wolffers

Child from Marion and Yvon: Kaya Wolffers. He married Elle van Rijn Raymond Donald Kouthoofd, born12-04-1931 in Batavia. He married J Cazier in Cheribon. Estelle Norma Kouthoofd, born 22-05-1933 in Batavia. Veronike Shirley Kouthoofd, born 16-02-1935 in Batavia. Melanie Madeline Kouthoofd, born on 31-12-1901 in Soerabaya. Melanie died on 28-04-1986 in Geleen, 84 years old. Melanie:

(1) Was married with Onesephorus Tangkau. Onesephorus was born in Menado.
(2) Had a relation with Victor van Leuven. Victor was born 17-09-1879 in Haarlem en died on 28-4-1942

Child of Melanie en Victor: 1 Victorine Beatrix van Leuven, born on 24-08-1942. Victorine was married to Carl Otto Sell. To day she lives in Canada and is married to a Canadian.

Children of Melanie en Onesephorus: 4 and one daughter died after 40 days, child 3 is unknown. Herbert Humphrey Tangkau. Lodewijk Emile Tangkau, born on 08-01-1923 in Weltevreden, Batavia. Lodewijk died 1944 and the think he was executed as a freedom fighter.

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