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Descendants of Geenen
In The Netherlands, Dutch-Indies (Indonesia) and America!

For more information of all the other related Geenen family members see the website http://daktari.antenna.nl/gen_he.htm#CC . Also this site: http://gw.geneanet.org/gerverdinck?lang=nl&pz=louise+charlotte+henriette+irene&nz=van+asten&ocz=0&m=N&v=GEENEN&t=A
Parenteel Geenen – Nederlands Indie: http://daktari.antenna.nl/geenen-i.htm

The Geenen ancestors are Petrus Johannes Geenen and Geerling Aert Claes van Ekert of the village Zesgehuchten in the Netherlands. (Around 1600). They had 3 children:
Johannes Petrus Geenen, born 02-07-1618 in Geldrop, Netherlands and died 30-11-1690. In the year 1645 he married in the town Geldrop with Elisabeth Martensdr, born 1620. There were 5 children out of this marriage.
The youngest was Martinus Johannes Geenen, born 13-02-1657 in Geldrop. He married with Joanne Hendricx van Geesteren in the year 1700. She was born in the year 1675 and she got at least 1 child.

1.  Geenen Arnoldus Martinus (Aart), farmer married with Catharina (Catrien) Paulus Cuijpers alias de Louwere.
One of the 9 children of this marriage was:

Paulus Arnoldus Geenen born on 27-09-1731 Hout – Geldrop and died on 20-06-1774, Heeze, Netherlands.
Married to Johanna Wilhelmina van der Sanden at Heeze on 02-02-1755, daughter of Willem van der Sanden and Maria Franssen van Asten. She died on 10-07-1774, Heeze.

Children out of this marriage:

1.2   Geenen Arnoldus Paulus (Aart Paul), born in Heeze on 23-12-1761 and died in Voorburg, 21-11-1820, married on 01-05-1796,
Voorburg with Maria Jansse van Tongeren, daughter from Jan van Tongeren and Applonia Verheul, who was born on 20-02-1771, Voorburg and died in Voorburg on 5-3-1882.

10 Children out of this marriage of which:

1.2.3    Geenen Joannes (Johannes), born Voorburg, 11-06-1798 and died in The Hague on 23-05-1876. Married in Rijswijk on 21-08-1825 with Maria Lucia van Osta, daughter of Cornelius van Osta (Wouw 04-03-1760) and Anna Cornelia Heijninks (Oudenbosch 17-06-1758).
She is born in Breda on 13-12-1790 and died in The Hague on 27-02-1858.

3 Children out of this marriage of which: Geenen Cornelis Arnoldus Adrianus, born Rijswijk on 02-11-1826, military hospice, 1861 fireman at the town Padang, west Sumatra.
He left the Netherlands on 29-July 1848 for Padang, Sumatra.  On 25-05-1852 he left the military service and received passport to become a permanent residence of the Dutch Indies.
He died in Padang on 09-03-1866. He was married with Charlotte Eleonora Mila in Padang on 06-08-1855.

8 Children out of this marriage of which: Geenen Arnoldus
Died in Soerabaja on 06-11-1854 Geenen Lucia Johanna Cornelia, born in Padang on 13-11-1856.
Died in Padang on 04-02-1857 in Padang. Geenen, born dead in Padang on 06-12-1857 Geenen Cornelia Johanna Charlotte, born in Padang on 13-05-1859 and died in Padang on 20-05-1859. Geenen Cornelia Johanna Henrietta, born in Padang on 23-07-1860 and died at Painan on 11-12-1888. She was married to Joannus Nepomisenus Dumont on 07-11-1883 at Padang and divorced 09-07-1886.

Before that, he was married to Emilia Annetta Krijgsman.
Cornelia had also a relationship with Herman Adriaan Mess in 1888 at Lubuk Gedang.

They had 2 children:

Eleonora Charlotte Adriana Geenen, born in Padang 15 september 1887.

Johanna Charlotte Hermina Mess (Geenen), born at Lubuk Besung, 27 November 1888. Then they divorced and Cornelia re-married with Gerrit Hendrik  Martherus at Padang on 10-03-1909. She died on 21-10-1912 at Semarang.

Out of this marriage they got also 2 children. Johannes Franciscus Jacobus Geenen, born 13-11-1862, Padang and died in Padang on 23-05-1886. Married to Johanna Cristina Theresia Maagdenburg in Padang on 24-5-1884. She was the daughter of Cornelis Maagdenberg and Johanna Botellho.

Out of this marriage they got 2 children:

1. Cecile Johanna Eleanora Geenen, born at Padang on 29-04-1885
Married on 14-10-1908 at Sawahlunto with Johan Jakob Kunzle.

They had 5 children.

2. Charles Herman Henri Geenen, born at Padang on 13-07-1886
Johanna Maagdenberg had a relation with an unknown man and she got a child from him.
Engeltina Evalina Maagdenberg, born on 11-06-1890. Geenen Jeanette Eleonora Christina, born at Padang on 26-07-1864 and died at Padang on 10-01-1869. Geenen Augustus Josephus Carolus, born at Padang, Sumatra, on 31-08-1866, worked at the Ombilin Coal Mines as a clerk and retired in 1930.
He was married to Annetta Fransina Eleonora Dumont in Padang on 21-08-1888, daughter of Joannus Nepomisenus Dumont and Emilia Annetta Krijgsman. When Annetta Dumont died, he married in Padang on 7-11-1899 Helena Francina Wilhelmina Maitimo, born Kotaopan on 24-05-1879, daughter of Herman Johannes Lodewijk Maitimo, born on 29-05-1851 (or 3-12-1847?) in Priarmar, Sumatra and died on 30-7-1903 in Padang, Sumatra, and Johanna Wilhelmina Frederika Steenkamp, who was born on 24-6-1854 in Padang. JWF Steenkamp was a foundling and brought up by Johannes Martinus Steenkamp, who died in Padang on 05-02-1888 and Martha Wilhelmina Maria, who died in 1886 (a native woman).
Geenen Augustus Josephus Carolus died on 26-11-1933 at Sawahlunto, west Sumatra.

Out of the first marriage 6 children were born: Geenen Willem, born Padang on 27-10-1887, died Batavia 9-8-1945. He married with Elize Eleonore Schleenstein, born 31-05-1885, Padang and died on 30-12-1947, Tjikini Hospital, Batavia.

Out of this marriage 4 children:

a. Geenen Erna, born at Padang on 27 maart 1908, died in The Hague on 1 november 1947.  She married at Batavia on 17 januari 1929 with Marinus Rudolf Volkerts van Hoogendaal, zoon van Jan Hendrik Volkerts van Hoogendaal en Jeanne Frederica Hughan. He died  in the Indian Ocean close to Bengkoelen on the ship Junyo Maru on 18-09-1944.

b. Geenen Helene, born in Padang on 24-08-1909 married with Cornelis Victor Otto van Lingen in Batavia on 10-05-1940. He died in Rotterdam on 11-08-1967 and he was the son of Frits Theodorus Lodewijk Frans Martinus van Lingen and Maria Frederika Fricke.

Out of this marriage 2 children of which:

Cornelis married with Jenny Ottoline Gerardina Bos.

c  Geenen Hendrika Hermine, born in Padang on 19-04-1911, died at Weert, Netherlands on 26-08-1965. She married on 20-12-1934 in Batavia with Ferdinand Hubers van Assenraad.

d. Geenen Irene, born 21-03-1922, Batavia an she died in Amsterdam on 16-07-1983. Irene was married to Hubertus Graaman, born 03-02-1919 in Bandoeng. He died in 16-08-1979, Amsterdam. They married in Batavia on 26-09-1946 and got 2 children.
(Germaine Elisabeth, born 18-05-1955 and the name of the son is unknown). Geenen George Henri August, born in Padang on 03-07-1888 and died on 09-09-1888 in Padang. Geenen Julius Hendrik Carolus, born in Padang on 21-6-1889 and died in Padang on 03-08-1889. Geenen Otto Cornelis, born in Padang on 30-07-1890 and died in Batavia (Djakarta) in the year 18-03 1931. Otto Geenen married with in Benkoelen on 07-08-1913 with Elize Cornelia Palmer, daughter of (the English man) Palmer and an Asian woman. Elize Palmer was born in Benkoelen on 29-05-1896 and she died on18-09-1981 in Roosendaal, Netherlands.

Out of this marriage 11 Children:

1. Geenen Lidwina Eleanora (Noortje), born Benkoelen 24-10-1914 and Died in Roosendaal on 25-09-2008. She married with Riekerk Cornelis Wilhelmus, born Padang 03-01-1915 and died in Roosendaal on 25-09-2008.

2. Geenen Hugo Emanuel Josephus (Hugo), born Benkoelen on 05-01-1916 and died as a military soldier in Rangoon on 27-12-1942.

3. Geenen Francisca Elvira (Elvi), born Benkoelen 11-06-1917 and she died in Roosendaal on 15-11-2003.

Elvira Geenen married on 01-05-1940 in Soerabaja with Arie Gijsbertus George Keim (Gijs), born in Padang on 21-09-1910 and died in Roosendaal on 21-01-2002.

Out of this marriage 4 children.

4. Geenen Carolus Fernandus Gerardus (Carolus), born Benkoelen on 10-03-1919 and died in Vlaardingen on 13-02-2001

5. Geenen Maria Magdalena (Marietje), born in Moeara Aman on 11-11-1920 and she died in Rotterdam on 00-09-2007. She was engaged and married with Henri van Praag on 26-09-1941.

6. Geenen Augustinus Johannes Victorius (Tinus), born Moeara Aman on 10-07-1922 and died in Maastricht on 29-12-1990. He was married with Regina Michon.

7. Geenen Theresia Eugenie (Trees), born Djambi on 10-10-1924 and died in Huntngton Beach, Ca, US, on 02-01-2010. She was married in Soerabaja on 16-01-1948 with Francois Armand Charles Snellen van Vollenhoven, born Malang, on 12-03-1922.

8. Geenen Albertina Florence Geenen, born Djambi, on 03-03-1926. She married Rudy Musch in Soerabaja on 03-08-1950.

9. Geenen Frederikus Hendrikus Laurentius (Dick), born Biliton on 11-08-1927 and died in Costa Mesa, Ca, US. He married in Surabaja on 08-08-1951 with Geraline Amy Worthington.

10. Geenen Nicolaas Otto Cornelis (Nico), born Fort de Kock 07-03-1929 and died in Utrecht, Netherlands, in 06-1985. He married Alice Gwendolyn Hopmans. They had one child.

11. Geenen Alphons Bernard Maximiliaan (Max), born in Benkoelen on 21-10-1930. He married Mitsy Flohr in Rotterdam on 02-08-1963. Geenen Frederik, born Tapanoeli on 25-09-1891 Geenen Laura, born in Padangse Benedenlanden on 16-09-1892 and married on 30-10-1912 in Sawahlunto with Spamer Paulus Antonius Casper, son of Johan Wilhelmus Spamer and Sophia Waack, born in Rotterdam on 29-06-1875. She divorced Spamer on 6-12-1929 and married Dick Theuvenet, born 20-7-1890, short after. She divorced Dick Theuvenet on 27-2-1942 and ended 1943 in Japanese prison camp Bangkinang as a single woman. She died on 5-4-1971 in Zwolle, The Neterlands.

Geenen Augustus Josephus Carolus second marriage with Helena Francina Wilhelmina Maitimo.

Out of this second marriage 4 children were born: Geenen Adriaan born Padang on 10-03-1901, is married to Nora Sophia van Ommen, daughter from Charles Arthur van Ommen and Louise Iseli, born at Sawahlunto on 12-01-1904. She died in Amsterdam on 17-05-2002.

Out of this marriage 6 children:

1. Geenen Willy Julius (Toekele)
*Born  Sawah Loento 12-04-1922, died Asten, Netherlands 24-10-1990.
Married to Sonja Ilse Kuneman, born Ngadiloeweh, 20 -10-1926 and she died in Eindhoven on 02-04-2002. Out of this marriage 11 children.

2. Geenen Eugenie Eleonora (Nini)
* born Sawah Loento 25-10-1923
Married to Alex Theodore Soereka, born 18-09-1916 in Sawahlunto and he died on 17-07-1998 in Aurora, Colorado, USA..

3. Geenen Charles August (Nono)
* born Sawah Loento 09-09-1925 and he died in Breda on 11-07-1976. He married to Johanna Theodora Philips, born 21-08-1928 in Bandoeng. Their marriage date was 11-09-1951 in Bandoeng. They had 6 children.

4. Geenen Jozef Adrianus (Jojo)
* born SawahLoento 31-01-1928, and he died on 02-10-2007 in Sneek, Netherlands. He was married to Hendrika Johanna Verheijen on 19-06-1957, Amsterdam, born 14-01-1937 in Amsterdam. Out of this marriage 3 children.

5. Geenen Gwendoline (Wenna)
* Born SawahLoento 26-09-1934. She married with Louis Johan van Beekom, born in Tjimahi on 7-05-1928, in Amsterdam on 30-05-1959.

6. Geenen Rudolf Alexander (Oeti)
* Born SawahLoento 16-08-1937 and he died in Purmerend, Netherlands in 22-12-2009. Rudolf Alexander was married to Irene Juliana Thijsen, born 31-03-1942, Bandung. They married in Asten, Netherlands on 27-07-1962 and they had 2 children. Geenen Lucie, born in Loeboe Sikaping on 14-03-1902 and died in The Hague on 28-10-1972.

Lucie Geenen married with Andreas Uijleman-Anthonijs in Sawahlunto on 04-01-1919. Andreas was born in Tjibatoe on 16-02-1898 and was supervisor at the Ombilin Mines in Sawahlunto. He died in The Hague on 12-12-1947.

Out of this marriage 5 children:

1.  Uijleman-Anthonijs Willy, born in Sawahlunto on 01-10-1919 and died in Sawahlunto on 26-08-1921.

2. Uijleman-Anthonijs Edwin, born in Sawahlunto on 14-09-1922 and he died in The Hague on 12-8- 2002.
Out of this marriage 2 children.
3.  Uijleman-Anthonijs Rudy, born in Sawahlunto on 21-10-1923 and died in Haarlem, Netherlands on 24-7- 2007
4. Uijleman-Anthonijs Henry, born in Sawahlunto on 28-01-1926 and died in The Hague on 25-11-1996. He was married to Neeltje Cornelia Dijkshoorn. She died in Zoetermeer on 30-12-2002.They had 3 children.
5.  Uijleman-Anthonijs Gerdy (Meity), born Sawahlunto on 11-06-1928 and she married Jozef Daniel Ungerer in The Hague on 18-01-1950. Today residence is Oceanside, California.

Out of this Marriage 3 children:

1.   Ungerer Dave (US), born The Hague 14-05-1950
Married and has 2 children in the US
2.  Ungerer Andy (US), born The Hague 03-05-1951
Married and has 2 children in the US
3.  Ungerer Anita (US), born The Hague 08-03-1954
Married and has 2 children in the US Geenen Theodoor (Theo), born in Padang on 23-10-1904
He married with Nora Sophia Smit in Padang on 25 sept. 1930 and they have one child Eugene Johannes Geenen, who was born in Padang on 18 okt. 1931. Nora died in Gouda, Netherlands on 11-07-1987.
He married Annie Gonzenbach in Batavia on 03 May 1933 in Batavia and they have 3 children.

1.  Geenen Rene born Sawahlunto 12-05-1934, died in Den Helder 27-12-2002. Married to Louise Emilia Ernstine de Blok, but has used also the name of her stepfather Geeraths.
Out of this marriage 4 children.
Geenen René Richard Rudolf * Haaksbergen 22-03-1961
Geenen Robert Ernst Theodoor * Haaksbergen 11-01-1963
Geenen Frank James * Amsterdam 11-09-1964
Geenen Jane Louise * Curaçao 02-06-1966

  1. Geenen Hetty born in Sawahlunto in the year 1936. Married to Joop Vreugdenwater. Johannes Marinus Vreugdewater, son of Jan Vreugdewater (* Rotterdam 11-01-1895) and Adriana Maria Goossens.
    * Bakongan 13-02-1930
    † Heerlen 02-04-2011
    x Djakarta 26-09-1952 GEENEN Henriëtte
    * Sawah Loento 03-02-1936
    Out of this marriage 6 children:
    Vreugdewater Sylvia Angela * Djakarta 11-12-1952
    Vreugdewater Jan Hendrik Theodore * Djakarta 26-11-1954
    Vreugdewater William Gregory * Djakarta 02-12-1955
    Vreugdewater Ronald Christian * Djakarta 25-12-1956
    Vreugdewater Patricia Teresa * Djakarta 12-11-1958
    Vreugdewater Patrick Renee * Djakarta 07-10-1960
  2. Geenen Ineke not married, has one daughter, Joan.

    Eddie Geenen, Clair Geenen-Chevalier, Billy en Ronny
Huwelijk van Eddie Geenen en Clara Elisabeth Chevalier Geenen Eddie, born on 19-08-1912 in Sawahlunto, Sumatra. He married on 12-6-1935 in Sawahlunto Clara Elisabeth (Claire) Chevalier who was born on 3-22-1915 in Padang, daughter of Henri Antoine Joseph Chevalier (see Decendants of Chevalier!) and Jacqueline Beljaars. Eddie Geenen died, because of world war two and where he had been tortured in Japanese prison camp, in Batavia (Jakarta) on 15 aug. 1948.  Out of this marriage 4 children:

Grafsteen Pappa Eddie Geenen

1.  Geenen Ronny (US), born in Sawahlunto on 26 apr. 1936 and married to Sylvia Weise (Lavalette) (see this site under Genealogy, Kouthoofd History for continuation)

Sylvia Weise (Lavalette)
Ronny Geenen (Chevalier)










2. Geenen Billy, born 14 May 1937 in Sawahlunto and married to Catharine Maria van Balkom. Died in Upland, CA on 11 mar. 2007.
Out of this marriage 2 children in the US:
Geenen Monique Pascal married to Wayne Lecheminant and Geenen Nicole Ivette as a single woman.
Billy married in Pasadena (CA) on 7 mar 1982 with Maria Arcelia Villegas and out of this marriage 3 children in the US:
Geenen Eddy Antony, Geenen Diana Elisabeth married to Greg Boggs and Geenen Andrew James.Geenen
3. Geenen Solita, born 5 feb. 1941 in Sawahlunto and married to Michel Mestivier in France, died in 2012. They have 1 daughter Mestivier Manon in France.
4. Geenen Peggy (Born in Padang), born 8 oct. 1943 and was married to Le Febre Louis Willem. Out of this marriage 3 children, all in the Netherlands: Le Febre Danita Melanie Rose, married to Burgering Hans. Out of this marriage 2 children: Burgering Dawn and Burgering Tara.
Le Febre Glenda Jill Virgie, is married and has 2 Children.
Le Febre Randy Brian married to Esther, who died in 2013 and has one son Jayson.