Slag bij Waterloo - 1815
Slag bij Waterloo – 1815

Genealogy of Antoine Cezar Chevalier and his Descendants

 A French man Antoine Cezar Chevalier was a noble man and an officer (captain with the cavalier) in the army of Napoleon Bonaparte and when the French lost the battle at Waterloo against an army of British, Dutch and Germans, Napoleon was set to prison on the British island of St. Helena in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean about 5 days from Capetown by ship.
Antoine Cezar Chevalier managed to escape and decided to leave France. He and his whole family embarked a ship and sailed to the West Indies to land at the west side of the island of Sumatra of the formal Dutch-Indies  (as part of today country called Indonesia).

  1. Antoine Cezar Chevalier (Stamvader) was born in Paris, France on dec.-6-1780 and died in Boekittinggi (before Fort de Kock), on Sumatra on april-24-1881, a couple month over 100 years.
    He married in Batavia (Jakarta), Java with Colleta Cecillia Romainville Velu on Mar-8-1835. Mrs. Velu was born in Liege, Belgium on mar-9-1809 and she died in Padang, Sumatra on oct-23-1886.

Children (8) of Antoine Cezar Chevalier and Colleta Cecillia Romainville Velu are:
1.1. Padang 22-nov-1837 born Alexandrine Antoinette Chevalier. Married to Dirk der Kinderen on July 9, 1860 in Padang. Zij stierf op 25 juli 1861 in haar kraambed.
1.2. Padang 18-dec-1838 born Adolf Cesar Chevalier
1.3. Padang 18-mar-1840 born Antoine Cesar Chevalier
1.4. Padang 09-mar-1841 born Adelaide Doriche (Douche) Chevalier married to Johannes Cornelis Pieter Welffer on 18-May-1865 in Padang, Sumatra.
1.5. Padang 06-feb-1842 died Antonie Ceasar Chevalier (child)
1.6. Padang 22-jan-1843 born in Padang Carolina Chevalier
1.7. Padang 10-jun-1844 born in Padang Narcisse Chevalier
1.8. Padang 24-oct-1848 born in Padangse Bovenlanden Henri Alphons Chevalier (Directe lijn van mijn moeder Clara Elisabeth Chevalier)

Antoine Cezar Chevalier married on 1881 also a local Nias island woman as wife with the name Asana Atie.
They had 4 children:
1.9. Luci Collet Carolina Chevalier, born 25-March-1882 in Padang
1.10. Josephine Douche Chevalier, born 22-July-1852 in Padang. And married to Johannes Josephus Kraft on 4 September 1882 in the Padangse Benedenlanden, Sumatra.
1.11. Cesar Antoine Chevalier, born on 18 December, 1884 in Padang
1.14. Joejoes Chevalier ( married to a local from Batak land)

1.2. Adolf Cesar Chevalier who was born in Padang, Sumatra in dec. 1839 was a warehouse manager where they sell salt, Priaman, Dutch-Indies. He died on Aug. 28, 1923 in Padang, Sumatra.
Adolf Cesar Chevalier was married to Helena Elisabeth Lamballais Tessensohn. She was born on Dec. 4, 1864 in Padang, Sumatra and her parents are Frederik Willem Lamballais Tessensohn and Charlotte Marianne de Bruin. Helena died on Feb. 25, 1954 in Surabaja, Indonesia.

Children (8) of Adolf Caesar Chevalier and Helena Elisabeth Lamballais Tessensohn are:

1.2.1. Laurent Eugene Chevalier died within a few month after his birth
1.2.2. Laurent Eugene Chevalier born at Padang, Sumatra in 1891. Laurent has been married to Meta van Waardenburg en they got 1 son, Raoel. Laurent, his wife Meta and their son were brutally murdered in 1946 during the Bersiap revolution in 1946. They were buried in Bandung, island of Java, Netherlands-Indies.
1.2.3. Eugenie Chevalier has been married to Jules Willems. They had 2 chidren, Jules en Elly.
1.2.4. Therese Colette Chevalier married to Mr. Völker and they got 1 daughter, Betty.
1.2.5. Alexandrine Chevalier married to Mr. Zwarts and they got 3 children, Piet, Elly and Chris.
1.2.6. Charles Chevalier married to ms. Holzheimer and they got 4 children, Dolf, Beatrice, Laurent and Andre.
1.2.7. Adolf Chevalier married to Johanna van de Graaf and they got 2 children, Elly en Bea.
1.2.8. Helene Chevalier born on oct. 1901 in Padang, Sumatra. She died on Jun. 23, 1992 in Achterveld, Netherland. Helene Chevalier married with Thomas Michael King Loen Tan on Jan. 9, 1924 in Semarang. Thomas was born op apr. 17, 1898 in Solo, Dutch- Indies. His parents were Boen Sing Tan en Tin Nio Liem. Thomas died on aug. 8, 1971 in Barneveld, Netherland.

1.2.8. Thomas Michael King Loen Tan and Helene Chevalier had 9 children:

Rudolf Ignatius Bing Tjwan Tan is born on oct. 19, 1924 in Semarang, Netherland-Indies. He died 1925 in Semarang Edwin George Chong Gie Tan born on apr. 4, 1926 in Semarang, Netherland-Indies and died in 2003 in Amersfoort, the Netherlands Albert Henry Chong Gie Tan born in Semarang, Neth. Indies on nov.25, 1927 and died in Jun. 2008 In Jakarta, Indonesia. Margaret Constance Tik Lan Tan born in Semarang on jul. 3, 1929. She married with Mr. van Middelkoop Dorothy Beatrice Tjoe Lian Tan is born in Semarang op nov.29, 1930 and she married with mr. Baumgartner. Dorothy died in Uetikon am See, Switserland on June 2, 2017 James Richard Chong Tie Tan is born in Semarang on dec. 4, 1931 Frederik Johannes Chong Hin Tan born in Batavia, Neth. Indies on Feb. 23, 1936 Donald Peter Chong Huat Tan is born in Batavia on aug. 8, 1937 Robert Michael Maria Chong Giap Tan born in Surabaja on apr. 12, 1948

1.8. Henri Alphons Chevalier, born in Padang, Sumatra on oct-24-1848 married to Clara Rozenberg, born in 1856, in Padang Pandjang, Sumatra on the year 1884. He died in Padang Pandjang, Sumatra, on May 19, 1937. (Directe lijn Clara Elisabeth Chevalier, moeder)

Children (11) of Henri Alphons Chevalier and Clara Rozenberg are:

1.8.1. Padang 25-03-1882 born Luci Collet Carolina Chevalier (acknowledgment)
1.8.2. Padang 15-07-1883 born Josephine Douche Chevalier (acknowledgment)
1.8.3. Padang 18-01-1884 born Henri Antoine Joseph Chevalier (acknowledgment)
1.8.4. Padang Pandjang 12-11-1885 born Narcis Rudolf Chevalier
1.8.5. Padang 02-04-1887 born Laurent Eugene Chevalier
1.8.6. Padang 30-01-1888 died Laurent Eugene Chevalier
1.8.7. Padang 13-02-1889 born Eugenie Chevalier
1.8.8. Padang 26-12-1887 born Collet Therese Chevalier
1.8.9. Padang 09-07-1894 born Alexandrine Chevalier
1.8.10. Padang 13-10-1896 born Alphons Ceasar Chevalier married to Helena Harahap. Alphons died in 1981.
1.8.11. Padang 17-05-1897 born Charles Chevalier

1.8.3. Henri Antoine Joseph Chevalier was born in Muara Sipong, Sumatra on sept-25-1885. He died on 21-10-1934 and was buried/criminated in Padang, Sumatra. He is married to Jacqueline Beljaars, date May-28-1903. Jacqueline Beljaars is born on 30-10-1881 at Banjuwangi, East Java and died on 3-11-1951 in Katwijk, Netherlands. (The Dutch official did changed the French name Belliards into a more Dutch sounding name Beljaars.
The mother of Jacqueline Beljaars was married to a Frenchman with the name Belliards, who did devorced her mother and married a Dutch woman, which was better for his military standing and carrier. But he acknowledge his daughter Jacqueline Beljaars.)

Children of Henri Antoine Joseph Chevalier and Jacqueline Beljaars: Henri Alphons Chevalier – born 9-9-1904, Kaju Tanam, Sumatra, died 7-7-1981 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Was married with Henriette Josephine Davies, born on 12 April 1914, in Padang, Sumatra. Jeane Johanna Chevalier – born 10-10-1905 Narcisse Karel Chevalier – born 2-6-1907, Kaju Tanam, died 29-5-1945, Chungkai, Thailand, Birma railroad Adriaan Chevalier – born 1909, died 1910 Padang, Sumatra Colette Josephine Chevalier – born 10-1911, died 1927, Padang, Sumatra Rudolph Jacques Chevalier – born 21-5-1913, remain in Medan, Sumatra Clara Elisabeth Chevalier – born 22-3-1915, Padang, died 10-12-2005 Zoetermeer, Netherlands Romainville Josephine Chevalier– born 12-10-1918, died 1939 Antoine Coenraad Chevalier – born 5-5-1921, died 25-10-1997 Tilburg, Netherlands
Chevalier.N.K.2008 Henri Alphons Chevalier, died 7-7-1981 at Eindhoven-Netherlands, was married to Henrietta Josephine Davies and had 3 children: Rene Antoine Maurice Chevalier is born in Medan, Sumatra on May-28-1943 Quirina Astrid Chevalier is born in Medan, Sumatra on Feb-28-1945 Arda Clementine Chevalier is born in Medan, Sumatra on Mar-11-1949. Jeane Johanna Chevalier died in Medan, Sumatra in 1937 Narcisse Karel Chevalier died 29-5-1945, buried Chungkai New Cemetery, Burma Adriaan Chevalier died as a baby of 1 year Padang Pandjang, Sumatra. Colette Josephine Chevalier died 16 years old. Rudolph Jacques Chevalier died in 2011, in Medan, Sumatra and is married to Som from Thailand, who died in 2015.

Rudolph Jacques Chevalier married to Boon Som Sripasset (Bangkok, Thailand and have 4 children.

Rudolf Chevalier Jacques Chevalier, Bangkok, 11-9-1946 – married to Maria Magdalena (Suriname, 9-9-1946) – 4 children Hendriete Daniel Chevalier, Bonthain, S Sulawesi, 26-11-1949 – married to Syahril Zainuddin (24-5-1946) – 7 children Charles Antonie Raymond Chevalier, Pare pare, 5-9-1953 – Married to Maria Esther Rindo-Rindo (Bandar Lampung, 11-9-1960) – 3 children Veronique Louise Chevalier, Padang, 2-2-1956 – Married to Alexander Ruland Rogahang, (Makasar, 10-2-1953) – 4 children

Children from Jacques and Maria are:
Glory Jacqueline (Jakarta, 27-10-1969)
Charles Ramond Sudewo (Jakarta, 24-6-1971)
Josephine (Jakarta, 20-7-1976)
Antonius Suprobo (Jakarta, 4-9-1983

Children from Hendriete and Syahril are:
Vonny Noviansyah (Medan, 6-11-1969)
Ary Hendrisyah (Medan, 9-5-1972)
Bebby Oka Hendrayani (Medan, 20-7-1973)
Denny Osmasyah (Padang, 30-6-1975)
Doddy Hendriansyah (Medan, 14-10-1976)
Hendy Hidayat Syah (Pekanbaru-Riau, 23-9-1980)
Annisa Anggraini (Pekanbaru – Riau, 25-1-1984)

Children from Charles and Maria are:
Stevanus Rudolf (Bandar Lampung, 18-3-1985)
Alphonse Christian (Serang-Banten, 17-6-1987-10-6-1999)
Gerald Joseph (Cilegon – Banten, 18-10-1994)

Children from Veronique and Alexander are:
Franquise Ricky Ruland (Jakarta, 26-1-1978 – 5-9-2007)
Marcella Lanvin Angelique (Jakaarta, 12-1-1982)
Dinda Aryani (Jakarta, 30-1-1984)
Haris Martino (Jakarta, 26-3-1988)

Mother Chevalier, left and right Michele and Marisha, Left to right 7 Dany, 12 Haris, 13 Hendy, 11 Antony, 4 Omo, 3 Tony, 6 Trisnaldy, Jacques, 14 Gerald, 8 Vicky, 5 Alexander
Mother Chevalier with Michele and Marisha, From left to right 5 Maria Esther, 6 Dinda, 7 Vony, 2 Maria, 3 Heny, 8 Baby Octa, Michele Clara Elisabeth Chevalier was married on 12-6-1935 to Eddie Geenen, who was born 19-08-1912 in Sawahlunto, Sumatra. He died at Carolus Hospital, Djakarta 15-8-1948 due to inflicted wounds by the Japs.

Grafsteen Pappa Eddie Geenen
Grafsteen Pappa Eddie Geenen
Claire Chevalier en Anton Schuwer
Claire Chevalier en Anton Schuwer







Later Clara Elisabeth Chevalier married to Anton Schuwer in 1955. Clara Elisabeth Chevalier and Eddie Geenen have 4 children: Ronny Geenen married to Sylvia Weise – no children Billy Geenen married to Rita van Balkom and divorced. Married to Maria Arcelia Villegas

2 Children of Billy Geenen and Rita van Balkom: Monique Pascale Geenen  married to Wayne Le Cheminant and have 3 children. Nicole Ivette Geenen , single.

Billy Geenen married to Maria Arcelia Villegas have the following 3 children: Eddy Antonie Geenen Diana Elisabeth Geenen married to Greg Boggs. Andrew James Geenen. Solita Geenen married to Michel Mestivier, died in 1912. Children: One: Manon Mestivier Peggy Geenen Married and divorced from Louis Willem Le Febre

3 children: Danita Mellanie Rose Le Febre, married to Hans Bugering and has 2 children, Dawn and Tara Randy Brain Louis Le Febre married. Wife died. Glenda Jill Virgie Le Febre, married and divorced several times, has 2 children

Win met Ron in Beuningen 1953
Win met Ron in Beuningen 1953 Winifred Ellis Schuwer divorced from Hans Windhouwer, has 2 children: Leon Windhouwer Glenn Windhouwer Romainville Josephine Chevalier married in Padang on 17-11-1937 to Philippus Meindert van Bronckhorst, born 24-7-1905 Semarang, Java and died 10-7-1944 Birma Railroad, Kannyu Jungle Cemetery. Philippus Meindert van Bronckhorst was de zoon van Henry van Bronckhorst en Suzanne Kuyp. (De naam van Bronckhorst was in Nederland voor de 2de oorlog verandert vanwege Hitler Duitsland. Het was eerst von Bronkhorst)
Romainville Josephine Chevalier died in Medan on 1-11-1939.

Romainville Josephine Chevalier died in 1939 and Meindert van Bronckhorst, had 1 child. Sylvia Suzanne Jacqueline van Bronckhorst grew up as a daughter in Clara Elisabeth Geenen-Chevalier family. Sylvia is divorced from Menno van der Veen and has 2 children.

Sylvia Susan Jacqueline van Bronckhorst
Sylvia Susan Jacqueline van Bronckhorst Alexander Menno van der Veen, married to Antoinette and has 2 children. Claudine Chantal Bianca Van Der Veen, married and has 3 children. Antoine Coenraad Chevalier married to “Cucks” Sylvia Gladys De Zilva, born 9-6-1922 en died 18-2-2008 in Tilburg, Netherlands.

Antoine Coenraad Chevalier and Sylvia Gladys De Zilva have 3 children:

Antoine Coenraad (Deh) Chevalier en Sylvia (Cucks) Gladys Da Zilva and Son Antoine Henry
Antoine Coenraad (Deh) Chevalier, Sylvia (Cucks) Gladys Da Zilva en oudste zoon Antoine Henry Chevalier Henry Michael Antoine Chevalier married to Doreen and has Ryan and Kathleen as 2 children. Orville Chevalier died very young Tyronne Chevalier was married to Ursula and has daughter Pricilla Chevalier. Tyrone died in car accident.

1.8.10. Padang 13 Oktober, 1896 born, Alphons Ceasar Chevalier. He married to Helena Harahap.
Alphons died on 20 Februari, 1983 in Medan, Sumatra. Helena Harahap was born on 21 May, 1908 in Sibolga, Sumatra and she died on 28 November, 1991 in Medan, Sumatra.
Alphons Chevalier and Helena Harahap have 6 children: Cesar Chevalier married to Els Fien Chevalier (A.J. Chevalier gehuwd met Willy Zitter) Eugene Chevalier Nancy Chevalier married to Fred van Aalst Maurits Chevalier died as a teenager Justav Chevalier (Brohet) Eugene Chevalier, born July 18, 1929 in Padang, Sumatra was married to Hemma Simanjuntak.
She was born on October 22, 1937 in Jawa, Siantar, Sumatra.
They got 10 children: Henry Chevalier, born on April 29, 1958 in Siantar, Sumatra Charles Chevalier, born on August 7, 1959 in Siantar, Sumatra Nancy Chevalier, born on September 25, 1960 in Siantar, Sumatra Jeanette Chevalier, born on April 12, 1962 in Siantar, Sumatra Koky Chevalier, born on September 16, 1963 in Siantar, Sumatra France Chevalier, born on October 28, 1965 in Siantar, Sumatra Ronny Chevalier, born on July 27, 1967 in Siantar, Sumatra Rudy Chevalier, born on December 15, 1969 in Siantar, Sumatra Edwin Chevalier, born on July 31, 1970 in Siantar, Sumatra Fhemmy Chevalier, born on December 10, 1972 in Siantar, Sumatra