The Hague, July 3, 2018

The Federation of Indo people in The Netherlands would like to send you an article that might be of your interst.

‘Collective recognition by Dutch government of Dutch Indos is a farce’
THE HAGUE (July 3, 2018) – The Dutch government is attempting to rid itself of the on-going Dutch East Indies Question.
Today it has started a fund called Collective recognition of Dutch Indos and Moluccans. This heavily criticized fund seems to have been meant as a redemption payment to the Dutch Indo community among others.
There is no collective recognition to mention, because Dutch Indos living abroad are intentionally excluded, making the Dutch government’s gesture nothing less than a farce.

After the independence of Indonesia Dutch nationals were forced to leave their former home, the Dutch Indies, under threat of violence. Since then they live in diaspora. Many Dutchmen and Dutch Indos repatriated to their fatherland, the Netherlands. The United States of America, Australia and Canada were popular destinations for them as well. Currently it is estimated that 2 million Dutch Indos live in the Netherlands and 1.5 million live abroad. It is a shame that the Dutch government has shown no sensitivity to this fact, calling their fund ‘collective recognition’, while simultaneously excluding Dutch Indos living abroad from participating.

The Fedaratie Indische Nederlanders (Federation of Dutch Indos: will encourage the Dutch government to come to mutually satisfactory solution on short notice.



  1. My late Opa was a reservist at Bandoeng 10th Battalion Corps of Military Engineers he was also on the Pakan Baroe Railway and also was on the SS Junyo Maru. His name was Hans Luning and he wrote about his pre-war and during the war and just after the war in his memoirs POW Nippon. He is also mentioned a number of times in the book by Henk Hovinga, The Sumatra railroad: Final destination Pakan Baroe, 1943-1945. I am accepting on his behalf here in Canberra, Australia, 73 years after the war and 23 years after his death, the Mobilisation War Cross and the Medal for Order and Peace from the Defence Attache of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. I have also sent his son from 2nd marriage, also Hans Luning, the same medals I found on the internet. He is still living in Amsterdam.

  2. Hi Marty, A very interesting story. Are his memoirs POW Nippon just stories that you have or is all written in a book? If you like send me his story and I will publish it on my website.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Also I would like to send you photos of presentation of war medals for my late Opa by the Dutch Embassy (Defence Attaché) here in Australia and hope you would publish same on your website. I am due to attend the presentation in Canberra ACT on the 11th Sept.

  4. Marty,
    I went through your 4 different comments email messages to me. Quit a story. I did it as quick as possible, but later on I will spend some more time to go through all your information. I have a cousin, who died a couple of years ago. He experience about the same ordeal as your family member. His name is Rudy Uijleman Anthonijs. As a prisoner of war he was sent to the Timor and Molukken and Timor islands and worked as a slave to built air-fields. Then they were shipped back to Java, but they were attacked by our military planes. He survived that, and was later shipped from Makassar to Batavia. Once in Batavia, he was boarded also on the Yunyo Maru. He survived that after 3 days hanging on a piece of wood. The Japs picked him up and took him to Padang to a hospital. Couple of weeks later they took him to the Pakan Baru rail road too. He also survived that and in 1946 he was united with his parents, brothers and sisters. Jacq Brijl also got him 3 medals of honor. Are you able to read and understand the Dutch language? Here is his story:
    Do you have your story ready to go? Please send it to me and some pictures. I am happy to honor your opa Hans Luning and gave him a spot under “Stories”
    Best regards, Ronny

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