Eating hot and spicy help one live longer

Most of us Indo-Dutch like to eat spicy and we eat sambal in all kind of mixtures and dishes.
But what do we know about the hot peppers?

International researchers found out comparing people who ate spicy foods less than once a week, those who at them at least three to five times per week were live likely 14% longer.
Those who ate spicy meals once or twice a week were 10% less likely to die during the study period of the researchers.

International researchers and scientists have already recognized that spices do have a beneficial health effect. And special capsaicin, the ingredient that gives you the hot bites when eating the chili peppers, have been shown to fight all kind of inflammations, high blood pressure, obesity and cancer, to mention some ills.

According to the researchers the effect of eating spicy foods have the same result on men and women. Among the study volunteers, those who reported eating fresh chili peppers had a better result than did volunteers who ate only dried chilies.
The difference could be that fresh chili pepper contains more capsaicin and nutrients like potassium and vitamins C, A, K and B6.
The study included nearly half a million volunteering people between the age of 30 and 79 and for a period of 7.2years.

To measure the heat units of a chili is based on the Scoville Scale.
Here are a few examples of peppers and their heat units:
Anaheim pepper                  500 to 2500
Jalapeno pepper               2,500 to 8,000
Serrano pepper               10,000 to 23,000
Cayenne pepper             30,000 to 50,000
Thai pepper                    50,000 to 100,000
Habanero pepper        100,000 to 350,000
Ghost pepper               855,000 to 1,041,427