The SVB (Sociale Verzekeringsbank) can, in addition to the WUV/WUBO also offers the General War accident settlement (A.O.R.). The AOR (Algemene Oorlogsongevallen Regeling) is a Eurasian settlement in which victims of the war with Japan and the Bersiap period, may apply. It’s essentially a financial support to Dutch citizens and conscripts who in World War II in Asia have suffered war injuries in the period between December 1941 and February 1954. Widows and widowers of civilian war victims who have died by war injuries, may apply only under certain conditions for financial support.

The purpose of the scheme is twofold:

  1. War injury, including medical expenses, related to the injury.
  2. If that war injury has led to total or partial incapacity, the person is entitled to a benefit. The benefit is just an additional income. Based on the information and income of the application you submitted, the people at AOR will determine if you will receive a supplemental income. There is a standard amount of 1050 Euro, which annually can be customized. Do you have that amount or more in income, you will get nothing.
  3. In addition, you may also apply for some support and request for domestic help.

To be eligible for the AOR you must have the Dutch nationality at the date of the application and not living in Indonesia. Whether you had another nationality in the past, plays no role in the assessment. They shall also looked at the last job that you had, before you quit working. Also the job of your spouse is reviewed. Are you on the date of the application 70 years of age or older. Then they also will looked at the disability in the period before the age of 70. Your other income can partly be reduced, because the AOR benefit is just a supplement.

As a widow or widower, you get an allowance if your partner’s death was a result of the war injury. You are not entitled to benefits as a widow if your marriage with your partner took place after the war injury sustained.

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