An elderly Indo-Dutch single woman lay dead in Rotterdam apartment for nearly 10 years.

The neighbors have told the media they noticed nothing wrong. “We did not smell anything or see vermin”.
After breaking down the front door, police found the body of a 74 year old woman, who appears to have died of natural causes. They were able to determine how long she had been dead by the dates on the stack of the unopened mail.
Because the woman was not officially dead, she continued to receive her pension and all the other bills were automatically paid.

A 68 year old woman living in the south of the Netherlands recognized her mother’s apartment that shown on the tv-news and travelled with her spouse to Rotterdam. In front of the mothers home she told the news media: I do not know why I am here.” “My mother was a closed person, but I thought she had some contact with a few people”. “My mother was 16 when I was born, in the Dutch-Indisch, at the time of the Indonesian independence war. And I never knew my father.”Of course I thought of her but she did not want to see, meet and talk to me”. “I was an unwanted child and she showed me that continually”!
Her husband told the media his mother-in-law suffered from a serious trauma dating back to the bersiap war period, but she refused to talk about it.
Her mother was pregnant in 1945 and the conclusion was that she has been raped and used as comfort woman by the Japanese.